“Go find your smile again”

I am sitting here watching City Slickers. I just mentioned it the other day and in flipping channels to find  something to watch, I find it.  Seemed too coincidental so I just had to watch!

Kids already in bed active karate class tonight for them and very busy day tomorrow.   Opening day for softball at the park.  Parade, pictures and BBQ.  For Megan it is old hat but this is the first year for Madison so pure excitement.

I am going to sit and enjoy my movie but wanted to keep my list going.

Today I am grateful for:

  • the birds that chirped happily in the yard
  • The pool cover removal setting up months of swimming fun for the family
  • the look of pure excitement on Madi’s face thinking about the parade tomorrow
  • Hearing “I love you mommy” as I put the girls to bed…..I love this one so will be a continual theme I bet 🙂 .