Kindergarten Trip

Tomorrow is a monumental day…the day we take the tour of Kindergarten for Madison.  For me it is the day we lay to rest all questions of whether there are any babies left in the house :-(.  I told Madison that there was a real possibility that mommy could cry on the bus….she laughed at me.

It is a day of mixed emotions for me.  Roughly two years ago I had a miscarriage.  We were still thinking of trying when I found the lump a year ago.  The doctors said I could wait for the mastectomy but that did not seem like a realistic option to me…the better part of a year pregnant.  Two years of carrying a baby around.  To me the odds of developing breast cancer just continued to increase with each passing day..odds on which I would not bet!

SO tomorrow we take the tour of the kindergarten and Madi’s biggest question is will we go out to a mommy Madi lunch afterward?  I love her so much!  And yes we will go to lunch!

As I continue to watch the days pass, perspective has become a big part of my life.  I agonize watching the calendar change on one hand and on the other the talks of Kindergarten make me realize that by the time school starts the surgery will be 2 months past and recovery well underway.  Time..what a wonderfully frightening thing!

I am grateful for my beautiful girls who both went to school today with a smile on their faces and for the great work out I finally got motivated to do this morning!

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