Today was a busy day!  The girls had karate followed by lunch out, errand shopping dinner at the mall and some more shopping.  I continue to try to make things easy for the family.  We have paper towels and toilet paper stacked to the ceiling, enough tissues to last through next allergy season , ketchup (a major staple in my household) to supply a small diner, enough dog food for an entire kennel and if one was so inclined the floors are clean enough to eat off of.

I exaggerate of course.  I don’t know if it is a way of me passing the time.  Maybe I have no fear/worry about the actual surgery because I have a god complex that they can’t survive without me. I don’t give myself time to worry since I have to get things ready for them. Who knows and quite honestly who cares.  It works for all involved.  I want Frank to be able to focus on the girls, it keeps me busy and I am sure things have been taken care of properly.

I just finished the “lists”.  Phone numbers of friends and another for medication.  Both girls have allergy and or sinus issues.  I am a stay at home mom…these things are in my head and handled by me daily as routine  habit. Sitting trying to put it in nice little checklists it not easy lol!

Tomorrow marks 5 days til surgery!

2 thoughts on “Check”

  1. Wow 5 days away!!! Please let Frank know we are here if he need us. Good luck with everything. You are in my thoughts and prayers!!!

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