It has been a long week

I am tired.

I have been to the pediatrician twice this week, had a follow-up with the plastic surgeon and an endometrial biopsy all while the hubby has been out-of-town for work.

It could always be worse!

So, I had my little one home sick today with fever and sore throat.  Thankfully does not seem to be strep so just keeping her loaded up with Motrin and we will wait it out.  Megan continues to have sinus issues, an ENT visit is probably in the near future.  I need to get both of them healthy in the next 35 days…that is the official Disney countdown!  Tomorrow is my nieces birthday and the girls have been looking forward to it since we found out the date.  It is to be a bowling party.  I will evaluate everyone’s condition in the morning.  I hope to be able to go for at least a little while.  FIngers crossed.

My visit with the plastic surgeon was uneventful.  I am still not fully finished with him.  I still have some discomfort from the scare line on the right side.  We agreed to one more appointment in 3 months to make sure that scare settles.

The biopsy was also pretty uneventful.  I do not know if I have a high pain threshold or after the experiences of the last years surgeries, the many years of breast biopsies or child birth but it was really nothing.  It seems that they schedule for at least 30 minutes and often get a bunch of whining, squirming and requests for breaks.  Since we did not have any of that we finished pretty quickly so with the extra time the doctor drew the blood work for the CA-125.  That saves me a trip to the lab!  We did discuss the lack of reliability of the blood work and she explained that it is just part of the puzzle.  I get it and agree.  The blood results should be back next week, 10-14 days on the biopsy.  Until then, I have plenty of other things to think about.

5 thoughts on “It has been a long week”

  1. What is a CA-125?

    I can’t believe you’re so close to Disney! Can’t wait to see all the pics. 🙂

    Did your doctor say to do anything for the scar? Is it just not healing well? I know my thyroidectomy incision didn’t heal the best and while the scar is just about healed (I have a keloid) but I’m wondering since your PBM (do you know?) if scars not settling are common?

    Urg, that’s a bad question….but do you know what I mean?

    Thank you….I don’t see my surgical oncologist for a few weeks. She’s still wanting to go full speed ahead with the PBM but I’m just not ready yet….your scar issues concern me….thank you for sharing your story.

    1. The scar is from the revision. I was not happy with how big the boobs still were after the BPM so I wanted them smaller. They had also settled in too far under my arm. To remedy this he made an incision from the front to all the way under my arm to remove the excess tissue. The scar since so much tissue was removed is just a little thick. I think it is just sensitive so by the end of the day of wearing a bra is is just a little sore. It is less and less everyday. He did not release me totally to give it 3 more months to settle. It is nothing that should scare you away from the surgery.

      The CA-125 is the most frequently used biomarker for ovarian cancer detection. It is NOT considered very reliable and often gives a false positive.

      1. I am not having any symptoms at all. They are doing all of this for 2 reasons:
        1-Since I never had the BRCA testing and my family history of breast cancer and my own history since they did find cancer markers
        2-The first pelvic ultrasound should a complex cyst which after the repeat ultrasound not only had not resolved itself but grew a bit and one was now on the other side as well as cysts not previously seen found on the uterine lining.

        I am not overly worried but there is some concern. If these things come back negative, we repeat the ultrasound in 3-4 months and go from there.

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